Enver Obama dhe pse shqiptarët duhet të mbështesin Mekein


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Enver Obama dhe pse shqiptarët duhet të mbështesin Mekein.

Nga Gary Kokalari

Dy fjalë për Gary Kokalari

Gary Kokalari rrjedh nga prindër shqiptar, me origjinë nga Gjirokastra. Ndonëse nga i njëjti qytet me diktatorin familja e Garit ka qenë persekutauar nga regjimi i Hoxhës bile më shumë se të tjerët. Përveç pushkatimit të 5 pjestarëve të familjes, nga familja e Garit më e njohura dhe fatkeqësisht dhe më e persekutuara nga intelektualet shqiptare është Musine Kokalari që është nderuar me titullin "Nderi i Kombit". Ata që e njohin veprimtarinë e Gary Kokalarit e dinë se ai ka respekt veç për një grupim politik dhe ky grupim janë shqiptarët në Shqipëri, Kosovë apo në vise të tjera të Ballkanit.

Dy fjalë për thirrjen e Kokalarit drejtuar shqiptarëve përderisa thirrja e tij është në anglisht.

Gary Kokalari thotë se ai është shqiptaro-amerikan dhe si i tillë kur voton për presidentin e Shteteve të Amerikës, ai voton për atë që i bënë mirë Amerikës. Pasi flet për dyshime në veprimtarin e Barrk Obamës, Kokalari u drejtohet shqiptarëve të shikojnë çështjen si shqiptar. Obama në shumë raste ndonëse jo hapur nuk e ka përkrahur me shumë entuziazëm çështjen e Kosovës. Pa këmbnguljen e Mekkeinit, NATO nuk do të kishte ndërhyrë në Europë. Kokalari shton se Obama është mik i guvernatorit serb të Ilinois që si kongresman iu kundërvu bombardive të NATO-s kundër serbisë. Administrata e Bushit, mbështeti pa rezerva pavarësinë e Kosovës, Mekein është garancia e vazhdimit të kësaj politike.

Dua t'ju kujtoj se Kokalary ka vënë në lëvizje shqiptarët ndaj deklaratave as mmish as peshk të Obamës menjëherë pas deklaratës së pavarësisë nga ana e Prishtinës. Duke mos dashur të bier ndesh me një opinion që bënë unanimitet në Shtetet e Bashkuara, Obama nuk donte ti linte miqtë e tij serb me kokë mënjanë.

Ju uroj lexim të këndëshëm, Ajet Nuro


Enver Obama and Why Albanian Americans Should Support John McCain

By Gary Q. Kokalari

October 25, 2008

I'm an Albanian American, but when it comes to voting in a Presidential election, I put the emphasis on being an American and what’s good for America. With that in mind, the choice this November is quite clear.

On one side we have John McCain, a true American hero who has been tested in crisis as few have been before. He has a long and distinguished career of serving his country including more than 20 years of military service – 5 as a POW - and 26 years as a member of Congress with a verifiable record of bi-partisanship. McCain will fight to keep taxes and government spending low which will be critical to keeping our economy from falling into an abyss. And we know we can count on him to do whatever is necessary to maintain a strong military and keep our country safe. John McCain is a man who has had his feet held to the fire – figuratively and literally.

And then we have Barack Obama. The closest this guy has ever come to having his feet to the fire was when he toasted a Campfire marshmallow. He’s spent just three years in the Senate and during most of this time he was either writing books about himself or campaigning for President. He’s never sponsored or passed any major bill as a member of Congress and he has one of the most liberal voting records. He’s the third largest recipient of lobbying money from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the mortgage giants that are the root cause of the current financial mess. Measured by the time he served in Congress, Obama is far and away the #1 recipient of money from Fannie and Freddie lobbyists. While he was an Illinois State legislator, instead of voting yes or no, he voted “present” 130 times as part of a grand deception to hide his true intentions from his constituents. Then there’s his relationship with Tony Rezko, who was Obama’s biggest fund raiser and who was just convicted on fraud and bribery charges. More disturbing is the fact that on June 15, 2005, Obama closed on the purchase of his Chicago mansion on the exact same day that Rezko bought the lot directly adjacent to Obama’s property. As if that’s not enough to raise suspicion, three weeks before the Obama/Rezko real estate closings, according to The Times of London, $3.5 million was wired into Rezko’s business account by Nadhmi Auchi, the Iraqi billionaire reputed to have functioned as Saddam Hussein’s key financial intermediary. Only a budalla could look at this and not think there’s something rotten in Chicago. And we know Barack Obama sat silent in his Chicago church for twenty years while Reverend Jeremiah Wright shouted, “God damn America.” Last, but certainly not least, there’s Obama’s disturbing relationship with terrorist bomber William Ayers. As the saying goes, “birds of a feather flock together.”

So for me as an American, the choice comes down to this: Obama - a man of questionable character with little relevant experience, a liberal agenda and a history of relationships with unsavory people - or John McCain - a man of immense character with decades of service to his country who has always put America first.

Although I would urge my fellow Albanian Americans to stop here and only use this comparison when deciding how they will they cast their votes on November 4th, I know there are many among them who vote for Presidential candidates based on their policies on Albanian issues. So let’s look at it from this perspective.

With Obama, we really can't be sure what he’s going to do regarding Albanian issues, but we do know his track record is dubious at best. Unfortunately, a small group of Albanian Americans with hidden agendas have conspired to confuse this issue by intentionally misrepresenting Obama’s position on Kosova’s independence. I suspect it’s the same group who helped suck hundreds of thousands of dollars out of Albanian pockets and then flushed the money down the toilet with Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. Despite their lies, no statement from Obama supporting Kosova’s independence can be found in any major media source or on barackobama.com. The only official statement or letter released by Obama on this matter were his February statement and his March letter to the Serbian Unity Congress (see below). In my opinion, all of these comments have shown that first and foremost Obama’s concern has been for the welfare of the Serbs who tried their best to ethnically cleanse Kosova of Albanians, and as far as I can see, his campaign website just contains a rephrasing of his old pro-Serb positions. Albanians should be outraged that a few gomars from our own community would try to manipulate them with this deception, which I believe to be a form of campaign fraud.

We know Obama’s original power base is Chicago, the home of the largest concentration of Serbian-Americans, and among his closest political allies is Illinois Governor Rod Blogogevich, the Serb American former Congressmen who opposed NATO intervention in Kosova and is currently under investigation for his ties to Tony Rezko. Make no mistake, Serb Americans have long and deep political and financial ties to Barack Obama and any decisions he makes about Kosova will require their blessing. As an Albanian, be afraid – be very afraid if Obama becomes President.

As for McCain, it is indisputable that all Albanians owe him the highest debt of gratitude because without him, NATO’s 1999 intervention in Kosova would not have been possible. At a time of severe crisis for Albanians, when the Republican controlled Congress was extremely hostile toward President Clinton, McCain showed the courage to reach across the aisle, and he was instrumental in bringing his fellow Republicans on board to unleash U.S.-led NATO air strikes on the Serb genocide machine. This was because McCain clearly recognized the moral and strategic imperatives for U.S. military intervention in Kosova despite the initial lack of support from his Republican colleagues. In fact, he went a step further. Unlike Bill Clinton - who was preoccupied with the potential political fallout - John McCain advocated sending ground troops to Kosova. And since Obama has tried so hard to tie McCain and George Bush together, in this case Albanians should welcome this bond. Because Bush was the first President to openly support Kosova’s independence, he was the first American President to visit Albania and he was the American President who will go down in history as having made Kosova’s independence a reality.

Most Albanian Americans are independent minded, hard working people. So they should pay close attention to the fact that Barack Obama told “Joe the Plumber” he wants to “spread the wealth around.” Albanians are quite familiar with someone who used to spread their wealth around, and his name was Enver Hoxha.

June 8, 2008 message and related links:

To all,
Below you will find the link to Barack Obama's March 1 letter to the President of the Serbian Unity Congress (SUC), and I have also enclosed a copy of a related letter from SUC. It doesn't take a lot of effort to interpret Obama's letter for what it is: an attempt to appease the Serb-American community. What is interesting is that the letter is dated March 1, which means that in the heat of his bid to become President, Obama has taken time out from a very close race to address Serb concerns on Kosova. Why did he do this? Well, as I disclosed in a message I circulated about two weeks ago (see link below) regarding Obama's official statement on Kosova (which I called a slap in the face to Albanians), Obama is from Illinois and has close ties to the Serb community there, including his close relationship with Serb American Governor Rod Blagojevich and their mutual friend, Tony Rezko. (FYI - Blagojevich has been implicated on corruption charges related to Tony Rezko who has been indicted for fraud. Rezko, a major Obama fund raiser, also has financial ties to Nadhmi Auchi, a British-Iraqi billionaire who was a Baathist with close ties to Saddam Hussein. Hmmm, could this explain Obama's position on Iraq?) During the 1999 war, I had the opportunity to participate in a number of nationally televised debates with members of the Serbian Unity Congress as well as then Congressman Blagojevich. As a result, I am proud to say that I may be the Albanian American who is most disliked by Serb Americans.

Redaktimi i fundit:
«Hapi i parë në likuidimin e një populli është të fshini kujtesën e tij. Shkatërroni librat e tij, kulturën e tij, historinë e tij. Atëhere vini dikë të shkruajë libra të rinj, të krijojë një kulturë të re, të shpikë një histori të re. Para se të kalojë shumë kohë kombi do të harrojë se çfarë është dhe çfarë qe».

kjo eshte shume domethenese per shkrimin me siper
po harrojme veten duke u kujdesur per presidentin amrikan dhe per cfare ai mund te beje per ne
dikur kemi pasur Skenderbeun, Ismail Qemalin ,Isa Boletinin
sot kemi John McCain,Barack Obama , Xhorxh Bush
eshte per te ardhur keq ku kemi perfunduar
mbase nuk kuptoj , mbase sdua te kuptoj
por sinqerisht kjo ta shpif
nuk e di me ca populli jemi
kemi prejardhje nga Iliret apo nga ndonje vend tjeter
edhe romet qe jane endacake i japin nje drejtim vetes


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Pro-Serbi Rahm Emanuel eshte zgjedhur nga Obama si kryetar i kabinetetit te tij!!
Kuptohet qe roli i kryetarit te kabinetit eshte shuem i rendesishem dhe influencon dukshem politiken e Presidentit.

Emanuel, Co-Chairman of Congressional Serbian Caucus

WASHINGTON, D.C.—U.S. Representative Rahm Emanuel has become the co-chair of the Congressional Serbian Caucus, a bipartisan group of legislators dedicated to maintaining and strengthening the historical alliance between the United States and Serbia.

The Congressional Serbian Caucus will seek to raise awareness and increase friendly relations between the United States and Serbia. The Caucus will educate Members of Congress on the issues affecting the present political, economical and security climate in Serbia and the Balkans.

“In this time of transition in Serbia, the United States needs to maintain a strong alliance with the pro-democratic forces,” Emanuel said. “We should take an international lead in supporting Serbia as they look to stabilize their young government.”

In April 2003, the House passed Emanuel’s resolution (H. Res. 149) honoring the life of slain Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic, who was tragically assassinated outside his office in Belgrade on March 12, 2003. In July 2004, Emanuel met with Serbia’s recently elected President, Boris Tadic, during his visit to Washington, D.C.

“Our nations share a mutual admiration for democracy, which is never a guarantee or foregone conclusion,” Emanuel said on the House floor. “The Serbian people are our fellow countrymen and allies because they embrace the value of democracy and freedom.”

link: Serbian Unity Congress | Public Relations & Antidefamation | Members of Serbian Caucus in 110th US Congress

[SIZE=+2]Serbian Caucus in 110th US Congress:[/SIZE]

[SIZE=+2]Congressman Rahm Emanuel (D-IL 5th) [/SIZE]​


Co-chairman, Congressional Serbian Caucus
:: Welcome! Home Page of Congressman Rahm Emanuel ::

  • original cosponsor of the resolution H.RES. 596, "Condemning ethnic violence in Kosovo"
  • original cosponsor of the resolution H.RES. 726, "Congratulating the people of Serbia..."
  • Letter to President Bush
  • original cosponsor of the resolution H.RES. 172 - "Expressing the condemnation of the House of Representatives on the one year anniversary of ethnic violence in Kosovo"
  • Rahm on Caucus

Ne Foto: Serbian Bishop Artemije dhe Andy Verich, SUC Washington Office Director
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